We Love Florists offers floral business owners an affordable email marketing service without all the other unnecessary BS! As we all know email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach and engage your customers. Let’s think about how email is such a big part of everyone’s lives as consumers and professionals.

Most, if not all the people we know have an email address if you own a floral business and are not doing email marketing right then chances, are your floral brand is not resonating with your customers.

We use the perfect email processing method to capture the most compelling, engaging emails. When you work with us, we’ll help set up email campaigns that fit your business goals and values.

We Love Florists understands the floral business inside and out, we work only with floral business owners- for this reason, you can feel assured you are getting exceptional service with the florist business “Know-How” to back it up!

Florist Email Marketing Service Bundles



We create and send email marketing campaigns on behalf of you the floral business owner to your customers, whether you prefer a newsletter, limited time offer, seasonal option or blog post we can work together to capture your flower business needs.

Our focus is on florist email campaigns that are relevant to your customers by using email marketing messages that are:

  •  Creative: We want to grab your customer’s attention not only with compelling graphic designs but also with well-researched Email Subject Lines and Teasers.
  •  Conformance: Email marketing campaigns follow strict rules developed to protect your campaign recipients from scams. With us, you will never run the risk of being listed as a “Spammer”. We ensure that we comply with all the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) requirements to protect your brand.
  •  Flexibility: Whether you need 2, 4, or more email campaigns sent out month WLF works with to find the right schedule that fits your business.
  •  Tracking: We track email campaigns send and delivery rates as well as open and click-through rates giving you an understanding of your demographics.
  •  Transparency: Our florist email marketing service is only for floral business owners. Why? Because we understand the floral industry inside and out we have personally been in your shoes. Our goal is to sell you an email service tailored to your business and nothing else leaving out all the other BS!


We offer 6 strategic types of email marketing campaigns that are tailored to your floral business needs during different types of the year.

  1. Welcome Email
  2. Promotional 
  3. Holiday & Seasonal 
  4. Purchase Follow-Up
  5. Newsletter
  6. Social Media Campaign


WLF offers pay per month, quarterly, and yearly email marketing plans. We will work with you to compose an email bundle that works best for your floral business or choose one of our 3 affordable florist email marketing options below.

Florist Email Marketing Pricing

  1. Petal: Sends 2 (bi-weekly) holiday and or seasonal (depending on the month)email marketing campaigns per month.
  2. Stamen: Sends 2 (bi-weekly) holiday and or seasonal(depending on the month) email marketing campaigns + 1 promotional campaign.
  3. Pistil: Sends 4 (weekly) holiday and or seasonal (depending on the month) email marketing campaigns + 1 promotional and 1 social media campaign.

 Sending out your own email marketing campaigns without adhering to regulations as well as not having the fundamental design and content may prove to be overwhelming with no engagement results. WLF will do your floral business email marketing for you on a schedule with engaging campaigns to entice your customers, this not only gives you peace of mind but also frees up your time to do what you love. Contact flower delivery richmond

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